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Punk Rock? Puerto Rico? Progress Report? As a “PR” professional, I throw this abbreviation around so fluidly that I really do believe the average person knows what I’m talking about. Most of the time, people I speak to about my work have either a quizzical look on their face…or a look of fascination. Trust me, my career choice is not glamourous, but I am in the business to make others “look good.”

As of late, the Public Relations industry has taken a few hits in the media. From how Hollywood publicists handle celebrity naked photo leaks to accusing PR professionals as being image gatekeepers for their clients. When I decided to pursue a career in public relations, I was drawn mainly to the ability to shed light on important issues, businesses, causes or organizations who are doing work that make a difference in the community. Traditionally, the tools a PR professional will use to shed light are writing a press release, holding a press conference or crafting a public statement all with the intent of gaining free publicity for our client.

Is it that black and white for me? Well, my answer is, it has to be. Because of the fact that ethics and intentions are far too often questioned for those working in public relations, I need to be clear about what the job is and who I’m doing it for. As you know from my website, I’m a champion for nonprofits and small businesses and my client list will show that these are the types of entities I am drawn to doing work for. Clients like these also don’t have the biggest budgets or resources to create extravagant or even complex PR campaigns. Keeping it simple and honest is really the route they like to take. Same here. Because truly, if the message isn’t genuine or doesn’t come from a place of authenticity, the public (your target audience) will see right through it. And I have not done my job as a PR consultant.

Not all PR work is proactive. Sometimes we have to play defense and react to an unforeseen issue or conflict. Even then, I believe the majority of my peers in the industry will always have the best interest of our client at heart. To take it further than that, we also have to put ourselves in the public’s shoes and ask if the information or message we’re distributing is acceptable, ethical and believable. You see, public relations is really knowing the public and what will connect with the minds and hearts of people. That is a quality of a PR professional that is learned and earned by many years of practice. A quality that is rarely appreciated, but heavily relied on.




  1. Kayleen Rose Aguon / January 18th, 2015 7:12

    Hello Ms. Jen,

    I just wanted to let you know that this post is inspiring to me. I’m a current Graphic Design Major and I’m getting interested in P.R. Reading this made me even more excited to get a minor in P.R. Please, if you ever need any Graphic Design help – I’m here to assist you. You can email me whenever or call me at (808) 225-7068.

    Again, love your work and keep doing what you’re doing!

    Take care,


  2. Lisa Capozzi / February 13th, 2015 9:10

    Aloha Jen! It was an honor and pleasure to meet you on Kauai earlier this week at the National Hawaiian Hospitality Association workshop at the Kauai Museum. It is no wonder you are finding success in your momtrepreneur business. Your smile, your professionalism, your intelligence and your aloha spirit are superior examples of what it takes to have success, as you have found. I look forward to meeting you for lunch when I travel to Oahu later this year. Mahalo for greeting me with genuine joy and kindness on Tuesday! Lisa Ann Capozzi, Social Media writer, Kauai Museum


  3. Daina Lau / September 15th, 2015 22:40

    Aloha! I stumbled upon your PR company and it’s name (Kaia) caught my eye. My son is professional surfer Ezekiel Lau, who is looking to rebuild his career after leaving his sports agency representation and three lucrative contracts. He is currently contracted with Quiksilver Inc. and is currently negotiating with Electric Visual Evolution, LLC under new agency. In any case, as we considering PR services for Ezekiel, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sitting down with us? I appreciated your mention of ethics and honest intentions and would like to explore what your company can offer my son in the way of branding and exposure here in Hawaii. Not sure it’s the right fit but wouldn’t mind chatting.


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