Posted on 17 Jan 2015 in Business, Public Relations | 3 comments

Punk Rock? Puerto Rico? Progress Report? As a “PR” professional, I throw this abbreviation around so fluidly that I really do believe the average person knows what I’m talking about. Most of the time, people I speak to about my work have either a quizzical look on their face…or a look of fascination. Trust me, my career […]

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Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

Posted on 12 Apr 2013 in Business, Entrepreneur, Life | 0 comments

Advice is a piece of quality information I hold valuable.  Whether it is useful to me or not, I try to remember that it is or was useful to the person giving it, so it should be received with respect and appreciation.  Throughout my life I’ve receive countless pieces of advice.  Some more than others […]

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My first blog!

Posted on 03 Mar 2013 in Entrepreneur | 2 comments

Welcome to my web site! Bear with me as I navigate through owning my own URL and live site, let alone, identifying with my “digital fingerprint” in the World Wide Web.  It’s a little scary and overwhelming.  I suppose it’s because I am solely responsible for ensuring this web site is up-to-date and filled with […]

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